Tom Kurska


Knowing that everything is borne from emptiness is different from recognizing it now. Tom lives it and exudes it. Retreats with Tom deliver the awareness that there truly is no separation, and that everything is an expression of love in some way."
—Michael Penny,  ordinary citizen  Charlottesville, VA


There are teachers who emanate power, brilliance, charisma, or fierce wisdom. Those qualities can be catalytic, but for me, they can also trigger a counter-reaction in which, ironically, the sense of the small and shallow self is reinforced. Tom's gentle surrender and acceptance gets under your skin in a different way. There's a sense of safety that allows something to slip past your natural defenses.
—M.K., Portland, OR


Tom is an extraordinarily insightful person who has a great gift of awareness that he shares with gracious generosity. My experience was to have an increased ability to generate kindness and love toward others after having done so with myself first.  Peace and contentment was just a by product!
—Elizabeth Young, Washington, D.C. area


"Tom is the real thing. He meets you where you're at (he has a surprising gift for seeing that!), and takes you to the next step of where you want/need to go. And he does it in such a sweet, fun way!
Susan L., Portland, OR


"I have been with Tom on just three occasions in a group setting and, although each sitting was brief, it was evident almost immediately that he 'got' me at a deep level. This revealed to me that I had been seen in a way that few to none have in the past, and with great accuracy and blunt honesty, I might add.  This was a bit shocking, but in a good way, as what good is it to be with a spiritual teacher who can't see who you are in your depths? This level of insight is priceless and the very reason I highly recommend Tom. If you are conflicted in any way, I would not miss this rare opportunity for anything!
—Ron Leese, Portland, OR

Tom and Dawn Kurzka
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